Client Reviews

Client Reviews
“I am very happy I got to meet You. This was the first time I contacted someone solely from a backpage ad. I was nervous to do so, but Your ads always popped out to me. I am glad I finally decided to take the chance. You are a wonderful Mistress and a great person. You are beautiful inside and out. It was really nice talking to You. I am a very quiet person, so I hope that it didn’t come across that I wasn’t interested since I was. I think what struck me most about You is how genuine You are. I liked how it felt like the same person who I was talking to was the same person who was then tormenting me. It was a joy to serve You.
The session was really great for me. I love the overall feeling that my body is there for You to do with as You please. I thought it was great that it ended up being a mostly tickling session. It felt good that You found a method of torment that pleased You and decided to continue with it. I liked the struggle of resisting the urge to protect myself so that You may torment me as You please. I was also grateful that You would allow a few moments for me to breathe and I especially loved feeling Your hair brush against me. I was very happy to hear that You enjoyed the session as well. For me, as a submissive, the greatest reward is to know that I have pleased You, my Mistress.”
“OK… I’m 56… and it finally happened… I left a session with a dominatrix with a wonderful warm, peaceful, in the moment feeling.  Thank you so much.  Can’t wait to explore more.”
“I had a wonderful time with Mistress Kat she made me feel so cute and feminine inside and out. She did a wonderous job with my make up of which I’m not really good at yet but I am trying. She had me do various poses for her and although our time together was short it is a time that I will never forget the love and understanding I felt from her it was truly great.”
“I was intrigued by her ad and set up a session with Mistress. She is a beautiful and petite woman. At the start of the session we talked for several minutes about my likes and her likes and just a few rules.  This really put my mind at ease since I had never been to a dom before.  The session as awesome and freakier than I thought it would be and she said she trains more from one session to the next.  Time flew like crazy and I would highly recommend Mistress.”
“I am a guy that has never been in touch with my “positive emotional” feelings.  Sure, I felt anger, pain, frustration, sadness, etc. but never felt the “positive pleasurable” feelings.  Nothing really moved me.  I decided to check out the world of BDSM to see what it has to offer.  I found Mistress Kat and became her pet.  Mistress starts each session with a discussion to see what emotional state her pet may be in and any limits her pet may have.  My Mistress then customizes pet’s training to push her pet to his limits.  She enjoys training her pets and takes great care to provide a safe environment where her pets are safe to explore any fetish.  With so many different fetishes in BDSM my Mistress has just touched the surface.  She is helping her pet to experience things that her pet has never experienced before.  Her pet is looking forward to many more training sessions with my Mistress.”
I met the Mistress for the first time a month ago. I am a nervous newbie and she took great care to make me feel at ease. All good little boys need a woman to take charge and I was beyond amazed. Thank you Mistress, I am happy to be your pet and look forward to serving you again.”
Had a session with mistress Kat
What a night
I am a newbie, she was my first experience with a Dom
I m a cross dresser for many years and This was the next step in that evolution
She was fantastic
I definitely recommend her
She s pretty great legs pretty feet nice ass
Most of all she can really handle her business
Had the best time fulfilling a long time fantasy
When I come back to Atlanta
I ll definitely call her again”
I met Mistress Kat this weekend. I was a newbie and she took that into consideration. She knew how to go just a little further than my kinks. I absolutely loved my session. Gentlemen, she is professional and very experienced. I would not try to be a bad boy around her if I were you! I plan to ask her if she will have more time for me to serve her in the future and, Mistress Kat, I would like my limits pushed as you see fit. A satisfied pet!”
“Good evening Mistress Kat, YOU are the best at what you do!! I emailed you the type of session I was looking for and you excelled it beyond expectations. When I arrived, you were like the Goddess you describe yourself as, from the sweetest feet aroma to the perfect pedicure toes which is where I wanted to be at when serving my Mistress. Your well experienced in all aspects of the fetish world. You were very sensual to the health concerns I had and the safety of my well-being. You were also very strict and stern as well to the point of making me quiver when you spoke, not daring to disobey you at any time during the session. I’ve been in the lifestyle for fifteen years and Mistress Kat is on the top of my last and planning on serving her for many years to come. Thank you so much for fulfilling my desires and allowing me the privilege of serving a true Goddess as yourself!!!
Thank you again,
James from Nashville TN”
“I just wanted to let you know that I had an absolutely amazing time. It was by far one of the best experiences and easily the best session I’ve had. I’m not really into role play or putting on an act. You were real and genuine and I loved that. Other dommes put on a fake show and it just feels like you’re in a bad movie with bad acting. The session felt more real and like we were playing, and I wasn’t paying you. You’re great at reading body language too. It was the perfect amount of pain and pleasure. Anymore would’ve been too much and any less wouldn’t have been enough. You were great at accommodating to all of my requests. Everything was perfect, except for you being a gator fan 😉 Anyways thank you for letting me serve you and hopefully we can do it again soon!”