Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do forced-bi/cuckold sessions?

  • Yes, but only after you have served Mistress individually previously. These sessions require a $50 deposit.

Do you do outcalls?

  • Yes, depending upon scheduling and location. These sessions require a $50 deposit.

What are your limits?

  • First and foremost, NO SEX! You will NEVER penetrate Me. No brown and no adult baby. Beyond that, your standard norms of kids, animals, blood, etc…

Do you switch or offer escort services?

  • No and No.

Do you offer trade for services?

  • VERY rarely. You must be offering something of value to Me for it to be considered.

Do you have roleplay materials?

  • Oh yes! Let’s get creative! *Note clothing options vary with sizing.

What is your tribute?

  • My sessions start at $200 and are a little over an hour. *loves*

Do you do overnights?

  • Do you think you can afford it? Do the math.

Are you discreet?

  • Discretion is of utmost importance to Me. I do not give out My number and will only utilize yours when needed and prearranged.

Do you do online/Skype sessions?

  • Yes. Standard rates apply.

What size toys do you have?

  • I have hundreds of toys and a variety of sizes to cater to both novices and experienced players alike.

Do You require a deposit and if so, for what reasons?

  • Yes. Some of the key reasons I may require you to pay a deposit are as follows:
  1. Out calls
  2. Cuckold Session
  3. Session after 9pm
  4. Session scheduled for.further than 48 hrs
  5. Previous flake issues
  6. Needy sub’s
  7. Security issues


Email a dominatrix something that is way too long and she will assume you are a wanker or an email freak. That is someone who gets off on writing us very long and very elaborate stories about their kinky fantasies. Your email can be descriptive and informative but must be to the point, and must state that you are interested in booking a session. Keep it short, ask the right questions, don’t tell her your life story.


I want to know what your limits are. You might not know what your limits are yet. But it helps to know for example that golden showers will never be your thing, and you don’t want Me to mark you. Or that you are into being verbally degraded but certain things might be going too far like poking fun at your weight, age, or race. Things to think about. If you can or can’t have marks on you such as a bruise or a whip mark. If you have health problems like diabetes, hypertension, or recently had surgery. *Goddess*


TAKE A SHOWER. GROOM. Hygiene is extremely important. If you are new and nervous you might sweat. Wear deodorant. Chew a breath mint. If you are into cock and ball torture, then you might want to shave or your hair will be stuck and yank in between the rope I use to tie up your genitals. If you are seeking any anal play from butt plugs to strap-on dildos, give yourself an enema or 2. Buy a kit in a drug store.

DON’T FLAKE ON ME OR CANCEL LAST MINUTE. Don’t book a session unless you are sure you are truly ready for this. It’s very rude and greatly puts Me out if I thinks I is going to have a session with you and you cancel or do not show up at the last minute. Most of you have this very warped idea that a Dominatrix is just sitting at a dungeon all day and night in a leather corset waiting by the phone, and that you can see her in 10 minutes, or that if you cancel, she’s there anyway just hanging out bossing slaves around. Most of the time we are home and only go to a dungeon if you book with us. I might have driven or commuted very far to the dungeon JUST FOR YOUR SESSION, paid gas, tolls, or train fare. I could have booked someone else in your place and now can’t and you just messed up her paycheck. When you miss a day of work, it is probably not financially detrimental. If I misses a session, that is the equivalent of you missing 2  days of work without pay if I can’t book someone else in your place because you flaked or waited too long to cancel. You don’t realize it, but by you not doing the right thing, you really messed up someone’s livelihood and ruined their day.


That’s entirely up to you but it’s never required. Usually I am treated very nice by My subs because My expertise and time is very much valued and appreciated. If any Dominatrix goes above and beyond to give you an amazing session it’s always nice to tip her or send her a gift as a thank you. She might like a bottle of wine. She might like an giftcard. Cash is always a winner.


Had a great time? Email a nice thank-you. I love that. Write a nice review for Me to share on My site.


Do not annoy your Mistress with constant emails, calls or texts about your fantasies. Respect her privacy and personal time.

Do not bug your Mistress to be her personal slave, if she wants that of you, she will inquire.

Do not push for activities, such as sexual ones, your Mistress already turned down once, unless you want her to not ever see you again and warn others about your annoying nature.

Do not push for discounts or free sessions or for extra unpaid free time.

Do not hound your Mistress constantly about how excited you are for your session. She has a right to spend her time outside of the dungeon thinking about her PERSONAL LIFE. She is plotting your session when she feels she is mentally ready to plot your session. She also has to plot the sessions of many other people.